Australian Pride Kangaroo 

Heading 6
Built Nr 5
Year 2018
7 days
5 kgs scrap metal

Retired metals from the sugar cane & farming, reused parts & treasures collected from throughout the Burdekin area.

dimensions m x m
London Tower

Kangaroo is an emblematic animal of Australia, along with emus represent the Australian Coat of Arms - chosen to signify a country moving 'forward' because of a common belief that neither can move backward. 


For the Barefooted Welder, Australian Pride was a treasured build and decided to use a different metal art technique. This was the first sculpture that was meant to be shaped as accurately as possible.


The challenge and the breakthrough were using small pieces and the realisation how fascinating it became to play with shapes and forms using scrap metal.

“Proudly Australian” MickyD