Heading 6
Built Nr 7
Year 2018
25 days
70 kgs scrap metal

Retired metals from the sugar cane & farming, reused parts & treasures collected from throughout the Burdekin area.

75cm x 35 cm
Private Residency

The Barefooted Welder laughs when you mention Groot; “He was a difficult little character,” says with a smile. 

“He was fun to make because of his connection with people, his popularity made him a lot of people’s favourite. To me, Groot represents family and smiles. ”.

Groot is a tree man, and the challenge came with trying to keep him looking Groot without being engineered. To capture the texture and the shape, to make him look authentic using scrap metals was the challenge itself, “this is because you need to find the right pieces.” 

Groot was built as a birthday present and stood friendly at the front door of Jupiters Casino in Townsville, making loads of people smile that night.

“Just Cool!” MickyD