Kali the Tiger

Heading 6
Built Nr 1
Year 2017
56 days
1 Tonne scrap metal

Retired metals from the sugar cane & farming, reused parts & treasures collected from throughout the Burdekin area.

dimensions 2.5m x 95cm
Barefooted Welder

Kali was Barefooted Welder's first big sculpture. Her name stands for the Indian goddess of destruction & transformation.


She was built using a style that was his own, as back then MickyD. wasn't aware of the existence of a "metal art culture" as such.

"I didn't know many metal art techniques… So Kali was built using pieces and parts welded to create the shape of a tiger. She is not skinned or pre-designed in any way".

Before coming up with building a tiger, Barefooted Welder wrote a note: "If you want to aspire to be a great artist, create something great." And Kali today is still the scrap metal art sculpture that has attracted the attention of thousands of people worldwide.

Kali aims to share awareness of the declining population of the Bengal tigers.

“Just Badass” MickyD