Mermaid Lady Marley

Heading 6
Built Nr 11
Year 2020
33 days
2 Tonnes scrap metal

Retired metals from the sugar cane & farming, reused parts & treasures collected from throughout the Burdekin area.

5 m x 3 m
 Daydream Island Resort, QLD

After Cyclone Debbie hit North Queensland in 2017, Daydream Island and the local community lamented the loss of their iconic mermaids; Serenity, Aphrodesia and Infinity. With a resounding appeal to bring them back, Daydream Island held a competition for Australian artists to create a concept of their choice paying homage to Daydream Island’s beloved mermaids.


Living in the region of Whitsundays himself, the Barefooted Welder took the risk to create his biggest sculpture to date. After researching the mermaids there was a feeling of paying tribute to them, and this is why it deserved to be a large sculpture. With a motivational boost and an incredibly short 30-days deadline, the Barefooted Welder pushed hard to bring Lady Marley to life. She carries a wreath of flowers which is to tribute the 3 mermaids.


The challenge of this sculpture was that he had never created a scrap metal art sculpture of a person before; to create a beautiful female was definitely complex. To get the proportions right, MickyD. decided to hire a model, her name was Marley. The rose is a gift to her dad, who is in heaven and would’ve been proud of the mermaid. 

Even though Lady Mermaid won the competition along with two other artists, she is today still not exhibiting on the island. The organisers and the management of the Daydream Island Resort who held the competition are not willing to confirm if the sculpture is on the island or elsewhere.

“Lady Marley you are beautiful to me, I hope people will feel the same. I'd definitely love to know where the sculpture is. As an artist, getting feedback from the people means the world.” MickyD