Family's Keeper

Heading 6
Built Nr 6
Year 2018
21 days
250 kgs scrap metal

Retired metals from the sugar cane & farming, reused parts & treasures collected from throughout the Burdekin area.

dimensions m x m
Private Property

Family's Keeper was built to make a statement in a private property in Townsville. Driving to his house, there are lizards everywhere; this is where the idea came from.

The dragon is made using wire art to ensure it would be light enough to sit on the door. The gate is built with movement and life as the lizard tries to snatch a wasp.

Lizards possess one of the most remarkable and unique sets of defense mechanisms in the animal kingdom. Their ability yo thrive in the most adverse conditions earns them the symbolism of going with the flow and the inherent value of blending in the wild.

“Here is a cold-blooded creature basking in the NQ sun, stalking its pride.” MickyD