SWELL 2021


Join us at the 19th SWELL Sculpture Festival

Gold Coast

10-19 September 2021

We are on a mission to #KeepAustraliaClean

Barefooted Welder has been selected at the SWELL Sculpture Festival to present Pacific Salt, a sculpture that is born out of the artist's passion for building things from the ocean and shows the beauty of the Pacific and the Australian eastern coastline. 

Pacific Salt is a gigantic oceanic statement on a mission to raise awareness of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The sculpture is made 100% of recycled treasures collected mostly from landfills by the artist himself. With the motto “Keeping Australia Clean”, the striking creatures Clifton, Junior, Teacher, Humpback, Glider & mysterious underwater spirits, come with all their majesty to ask you to be part of the tsunami of change.


Clifton, the seahorse, is the main character with a steampunk driving theme, and it’s the largest freestanding seahorse in the world made out of scrap metal. 


Teacher, the octopus, is an elegant creature and represents the mystery under the sea; which is meant for us to not forget the importance and beauty of the wildlife that lies in the bottom of the ocean.


Junior, the turtle, it’s a life-size built character that paddles on his surfboard with amicable competitive energy and represents the surfing and beach culture for what Australia is known for. 


The humpback whale tail is to show the majestic power of these creatures traveling across the eastern waters in Australia, and is the final piece that brings together everything that means Pacific Salt about the sculpture.


We are very grateful for the supportive Australian local and national based businesses that are supporting Barefooted Welder artistic journey and the recycling movement with the ultimate goal to #KeepAustraliaClean


With recycled metal art sculpture, Barefooted Welder empowers individuals to showcase the positive impact each of us can make by just recycling and repurposing. Using scrap metal to create beautiful creatures is an answer to our current environmental crisis. Micky D. believes that art helps people from all walks of life to relate to a sustainable initiative that is now more important than ever if we want to guarantee the survival our majestic wildlife and a healthy planet for our future generations. Art used as an instrument can (and should) create a conversation, allowing creativity to take place in a problem that needs urgent solutions. So please, no matter what #KEEPAUSTRALIACLEAN


Reach out at herbarefootedwelder@gmail.com if you wish to run an interview with the artist!