Tank the Great Sea Turtle 

Heading 6
Built Nr 8
Year 2018
15 days
600 kgs scrap metal

Retired metals from the sugar cane & farming, reused parts & treasures collected from throughout the Burdekin area.

dimensions m x m
North Queensland, 
Private Property

This sculpture captures the life of the turtle through the eyes. Tank's charm and the sulky look created an immediate connection with many people. 


Getting the shape of his eyes right was precisely the biggest challenge. This has also been the only case, creating Tank, when Barefooted Welder has left the most laborious part for the end.


Tank is to raise awareness of the endangerment of the great sea turtles.

Tank lives surrounded by nature in company with his badass friend Blue, the Frilled Lizard (one of Barefooted Welder’s scrap metal art sculptures).

“Leave nothing but your footprints on the beach” MickyD